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How to spell SIGES correctly?

One possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "siges" could be "sieges", referring to a victory in a military battle. Another suggestion might be "sages", meaning wise or knowledgeable individuals. It ultimately depends on the intended context of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell siges correctly

  • Osages The Osages were a Native American tribe that once inhabited the area now known as Missouri.
  • Sagas The Sagas are an important source of historical information about the Vikings.
  • sage My grandmother is a wise sage when it comes to cooking.
  • sages The sages of the village gathered in the town square to discuss matters of the community.
  • sagest The best way to describe this movie would be to say it is the sagest thing ever.
  • sags The roof sags in the middle due to years of wear and tear.
  • sarges
  • sees
  • segues The smooth segues between songs in the concert kept the audience engaged throughout the performance.
  • SICS
  • sides
  • siege The city was under siege for three weeks before the enemy finally retreated.
  • sieges During the Middle Ages, castles were constructed with high walls and towers to defend against sieges.
  • sighs She sighs heavily, feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders.
  • Sigmas I'm not sure what a sigmas is.
  • signers The majority of the signers were students at the high school.
  • signs It was foretold that the signs would tell of what was to come.
  • SINEs The SINEs are a series of periodic waves on the earth's surface.
  • singers
  • singes The fire caused several singes on the curtains, but thankfully it didn't spread further.
  • sings
  • sires The best sires in the industry produce the strongest and fastest racehorses.
  • SIRS SIRS is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate attention.
  • sis "Hey sis, do you want to join me for a movie tonight?
  • sites I have visited many ancient historical sites in Europe.
  • sixes After the game, I went to the bar and had sixes all night.
  • size The size of the package was too big for the mailbox.
  • sizes She needed to try on several sizes of jeans before finding the perfect fit.
  • Skies The skies are endless.
  • Spies The spies gathered valuable intelligence on enemy troop movements.
  • spikes The spikes on the fence were quite disturbing.
  • stages A person's journey through life is a series of stages.
  • Sties The pig sties were cleaned and disinfected daily to ensure the health of the animals.
  • sues John sues the company for wrongful termination.
  • surges During a storm, the power often surges, causing electronics to malfunction.
  • SWIGS I swigs some ale.
  • Sykes One of the brothers, Sykes, served in World War II.
  • usages usage: informal We just have to be careful with our usages.

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