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How to spell SIGSALYE correctly?

If you've been misspelling "Sigsalye" as a word, don't worry! The correct suggestions for this misspelling could be "Sig sauer" or "sig sauer". These refer to a well-known firearms manufacturer, often spelled with a lowercase "s". So, next time you'll get it right!

List of suggestions on how to spell Sigsalye correctly

  • SIGALRM SIGALRM is a Unix signal that is raised when a specified time interval expires.
  • Sightly The sightly painting hung beautifully on the gallery wall.
  • Signage The signage at the airport clearly directs travelers to their designated terminals.
  • Signal I saw the traffic signal turn from red to green, indicating that I could proceed with caution.
  • Signaled The loud alarm signaled the start of the race.
  • Signaler The lifeguard used a flag to signaler to the swimmers that they should return to shore.
  • Signalize The bright fireworks signalize the start of the new year.
  • Signalled The referee signalled a foul and blew his whistle.
  • Signaller The signaller used hand gestures to direct the airplanes during the busy airfield operations.
  • Signally The company's performance has improved signally since implementing new management strategies.
  • Signalmen The signalmen were responsible for ensuring safe and efficient train operations on the railway tracks.
  • Signals The traffic signals turned red, indicating it was time for pedestrians to stop.
  • SIGSYS SIGSYS is a signal in computer programming that indicates a bad argument passed to a system call.
  • Sisal Sisal is a strong and durable plant fiber used in the production of rope and twine.

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