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How to spell SIGTED correctly?

If you have mistyped "sigted", fret not, as there are multiple suggestions to rectify it. The correct spelling for this word could be "sighted", "sited" or "sifted". Make sure to double-check and choose the most appropriate suggestion for your intended meaning and context.

List of suggestions on how to spell sigted correctly

  • bigoted The bigoted comments made by the politician were met with widespread condemnation.
  • Cited He cited numerous studies to support his argument.
  • Girted I girted the rope tightly around the tree trunk to secure the boat.
  • kited I kited up the hill to try out my new paraglider.
  • ligated
  • Sagged The old bed had visibly sagged in the middle from years of use.
  • sainted The villagers believed that the old woman who lived alone in the forest was a sainted figure who could heal the sick with her herbal remedies.
  • sated I was so sated from all of that cake, I didn't feel like going out for dinner.
  • seated
  • segued I was about to segued into a story about my cat, when you interrupted me.
  • Sided I have sided with my sister in the argument between her and my brother.
  • Sifted I sifted the flour before mixing it with the other ingredients for the cake.
  • Sighed After a long day of work, she sighed in relief when she got home.
  • sighted The sailors sighted land on the horizon after being at sea for weeks.
  • sigurd Sigurd is a fascinating and complex character.
  • Silted The river was so silted that it flooded the whole city.
  • Sited The new hospital was sited on the outskirts of town for easy accessibility.
  • Skated
  • Skirted She had on a pair of skirted pants.
  • Slighted I felt slighted when my friend ignored me at the party.
  • sorted The sorted photos were placed in an album.
  • Spited I was so angry with her that I wanted to spited her.
  • Spitted
  • suited She looked very suited to the role of a business executive.

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