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How to spell SINORS correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "sinors", there are a few possible correct suggestions. One could be "seniors", referring to older individuals. Another option may be "singers", pointing to those who perform vocally. Lastly, "sensors" is a distinct possibility, which are devices used for detecting changes in the environment.

List of suggestions on how to spell sinors correctly

  • minors The store does not sell cigarettes to minors.
  • seiners A small group of seiners are setting up for the day's work.
  • seniors The seniors at the retirement home enjoy playing bingo every Wednesday evening.
  • senor
  • senoras In Mexico City, the old aristocracy continues to thrive, Senoras driving around in their expensive cars.
  • senors
  • sensors The new security system incorporates motion sensors to detect any unusual activity.
  • signers The signers of the document were representatives from around the world.
  • SINEs The SINEs of the hour are 8:56, 10:16, and 12:00.
  • SINEWS The athlete's sinews were strong and rippled as he lifted the weights effortlessly.
  • singers The singers performed a duet that brought the audience to their feet.
  • singes The monkey singes the hair on the back of its hand when it uses its hands as a grip while jumping.
  • sings
  • sinkers We went diving at the sinkers.
  • sinks
  • sinners All sinners will burn in hell.
  • sins As a devout Catholic, she made sure to confess all of her sins during her weekly visit to the confessional.
  • sinuous The stream was sinuous and dark.
  • sinus
  • SIRS In the movie "SIRS," a group of computers who live together and discuss things.
  • SNOBS Some people can be snobs when it comes to their taste in literature.
  • snores My father snores so loudly that I cannot sleep in the same room with him.
  • snorts The pig snorts loudly.
  • snows It snows heavily during winter in the mountains.
  • sonars They used sonars to find the wreckage.

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