What is the correct spelling for SISNTER?

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Correct spelling for SISNTER

We think the word sisnter is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for sisnter

  • center A path runs east and west right through the center.
  • cinder As you said, we can't help ourselves, and into the fiery furnace Lottie Marsden will go before long; only there will be nothing left of me but a little cinder.
  • cistern The supply of water for all purposes is from a filtering cistern, which is connected with the kitchen sink, by a pump.
  • disinter It is a fact that until this day many savages are compelled to devour corpses in the most advanced state of putrefaction, and that in cases of absolute scarcity some of them have had to disinter and to feed upon human corpses, even during an epidemic.
  • dissenter It should be sufficient for us, if we make due use of their great imperishable work ourselves; and if we never cease rendering thanks to the Omnipotent, that there is at least one great nation on the globe where the words toleration and dissenter have no meaning whatever.
  • sander Sander got on the track, and commissioned Mr. Arnold to solve the problem.
  • saunter Well, let's saunter down that way.
  • sender They were in the habit of sacrificing a black lamb to propitiate Set, the sender of storms.
  • signet When I showed them the signet ring, and told them that I had orders to take the child to his father, they made no opposition.
  • sinister Being very thin she, too, like Papik, suffered from the bar sinister of nature.
  • sister Is your sister-in-law thankful?
  • snorter "A bushel of shavings," said the Snorter.
  • sounder In truth, the sounder and less broken up are the rocks, the more impracticable do they usually look from a distance; while soft and easily rent rocks, which are often amongst the most difficult and perilous to climb, very frequently look from afar as if they might be traversed by a child.
  • squinter
  • sunder
  • Sinned "My father, my father," I cried, sobbing, "I have come to you because I have sinned.
  • Singed The Possum, of course, hadn't expected to have his disguise pierced so swiftly, and, though he managed to scramble out of the fire in time to save his bacon, he was considerably singed down the back.
  • scantier It is difficult to mention any other persons, who with fewer numbers and scantier means than these, conquered men more numerous and powerful than themselves, by sheer daring and ability, or who conferred greater blessings on their own countries; and that which made this more remarkable was the change which it effected.
  • isn't You think it isn't from my brother?

182 words made from the letters sisnter

5 letter words made from sisnter:

rensi, rinse, nerts, ister, steir, niess, rents, tress, siner, tines, stire, siers, sents, riets, rites, stein, erins, reiss, resin, siens, ensis, risen, rines, ernst, setin, terns, tiers, ersin, strei, sites, tenir, trine, riess, siren, inter, siret, srsen, snirt, retin, iness, isser, tiens, sires, tenri, senti, itser, reist, tries, stirs, trise, strin, siste, entsi, rises, inert, tenis, niter, nitre, tiner, inset, siter, etsin, treis, sersi, resit, reins, stirn, tires, terni, stern, isner, tsine, serin, sirte, istre, sient, tsien, treni, sinse.

3 letter words made from sisnter:

rit, set, ern, sse, irs, ire, res, sen, ies, sir, esr, ent, ret, sin, ter, tri, net, ten, sis, sit, tin, ert, nit, tss, tie, est.

4 letter words made from sisnter:

6 letter words made from sisnter:

resits, insets, sinter, rinses, restis, stiner, insert, nestis, serins, niters, stiens, inters, sterns, stiers, sentir, steris, stires, sirens, tessin, istres, estrin, snirts, reists, resist, reints, stines, sister, sterni, rissen, tresis, inerts, sients, trines, steins, nister, nitres.

7 letter words made from sisnter:

sistern, inserts, estrins, sinters.

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