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How to spell SISTURING correctly?

If you meant to type "Sisturing" but it was misspelled, there are several possible corrections. It could be "Sistering", which refers to strengthening or supporting structures by adding additional lumber. Alternatively, you might have meant "Sustaining", indicating the act of maintaining or upholding something. Remember to proofread your work before finalizing it!

List of suggestions on how to spell Sisturing correctly

  • Disturbing The film had a disturbing ending that left me with a feeling of unease.
  • Fixturing The engineering team is currently working on the fixturing design for the new manufacturing process.
  • Gesturing The speaker was gesturing wildly in an attempt to emphasize his point.
  • Mistuning The mistuning of the guitar resulted in a jarring sound.
  • Pasturing The farmer was busy pasturing his cows in the green meadow.
  • Picturing Picturing myself living in a big house with a pool is always my go-to daydream.
  • Posturing The manager was impressed with the employee's confident posturing during the presentation.
  • Sintering Sintering is a process used to compact and form materials through the application of heat and pressure.
  • Suturing The doctor began suturing the incision in the patient's arm.

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