How to spell SITEE correctly?

We think the word sitee is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell sitee correctly

  • Cit Cit is a shortened form of the word "citizen".
  • cite She decided to cite the research study in her paper to strengthen her argument.
  • sat
  • sate After eating a large meal, I finally felt sate and content.
  • sateen The curtains were made of sateen fabric, giving the room a luxurious feel.
  • saute I am going to saute some vegetables for my pasta dish tonight.
  • see
  • seed I saved the seed from the pumpkin I carved.
  • set I need to set my alarm for tomorrow morning.
  • sett The sett of the badger was hidden deep in the woods.
  • settee I like to settee on the front porch in the evenings when the temperature is a little colder.
  • Sid He was sidetracked by a shiny object on the ground.
  • side I have a side of beef that I would like to slice.
  • siege The castle was under siege for two weeks before the army finally surrendered.
  • sieve The baker used a sieve to sift the flour before adding it to the mixture.
  • sifter I used a sifter to remove the clumps from the flour.
  • sister My sister is my closest friend and ally.
  • sit
  • sitar Rajesh learned to play the sitar after moving to India to study yoga.
  • site This is a website about your favorite site.
  • Sited The new supermarket was sited in a convenient location near the town center.
  • sites I visited several historical sites during my trip to Egypt.
  • SITS The cat sits on top of the bookshelf.
  • sitter They hired a sitter to keep an eye on the children while they went out.
  • smite The armies of the god smite down their enemies.
  • sot The sot stumbled down the street, smelling of alcohol.
  • spite She decided to go on vacation without her ex-husband, just out of spite.
  • SST I'm going to go for a jog before our SST meeting.
  • ST I couldn't read the sign from this distance, but I think it says "Main St.
  • STA John is staying at STA.
  • STE
  • steed I ride on my steed to the market.
  • steel The building was made of strong steel beams.
  • steep I went hiking in the steep mountains.
  • steer He used the reins to steer the horse in the right direction.
  • stem
  • step She took a step forward toward the podium.
  • stet The proofreader noticed that the editor had accidentally marked a correction and requested to stet the change.
  • Steve In my next life, I want to be named Steve.
  • stew My mom makes the best vegetable stew ever.
  • Sties I really need to stop eating those sties.
  • stile She climbed over the stile to reach the other side of the fence.
  • Stine Famous children's author Stine is rumored to be behind the curtain.
  • stir She continued to stir the soup until it reached the perfect consistency.
  • Stu I'm going to make some coffee and then go sit by the fire with Stu.
  • sty The smell emanating from the sty was overpowering.
  • suede I bought new suede shoes for the wedding.
  • suet I put suet in the oven to baste the meat.
  • suit
  • suite I was given a beautiful suite overlooking the ocean for my honeymoon.
  • suited The dress was perfectly suited to her body type.
  • suites The hotel offers luxurious suites with stunning ocean views.
  • suttee The practice of Suttee is obsolete in India.
  • tee I'll need a tee for this shirt.
  • ZIT I woke up with a zit on my forehead this morning.

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