What is the correct spelling for SIVERLY?

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Correct spelling for SIVERLY

We think the word siverly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for siverly

  • civil Mollie will tell you I was barely civil to him.
  • civilly "Enough to frighten you out of your senses, ladies," he said civilly.
  • lively My aunt has so lively an imagination.
  • lovely I'm sure there will be some lovely girls.
  • naively After naively revealing the thought of his heart in song, Etienne contemplated the sea, saying to himself: "There is my bride; the only love for me!"
  • overlay But wherever in Christendom the pagan's words were discussed, the Christian hypothesis would be pitted against his unbelief, with the effect of making one thought overlay the other; and in this fused form the discussion may easily have reached Shakspere's eye and ear.
  • overly The blade no longer vibrated; it had become nothing more than an overly fancy bread knife.
  • safely Now he could sleep safely, but not in peace.
  • sagely "Well, don't get lost again, that's all," said Cyril sagely.
  • sanely It is near an impossibility sanely and calmly to write up my journal to-night-my nerves are shaken and my pencil falters.
  • saver x - Energizer Bunny Screen Saver".
  • savory The field mouse loves this savory vegetable, for she always gathers it more than any other.
  • sawfly the number of stemmata (simple eyes); the sawfly larvae have only two, while caterpillars usually have six.
  • seemly Without delay, she set to work binding the sheaves together and gathering the scattered ears of corn in seemly wise, as a princess would wish to see them.
  • sever Sever two locks of hair for my sake now, Spoil those bright coils of power, give me your hair, And with my mother twist those locks together Into a bowstring for me.
  • several Charles was not thirty, and Ralph several years younger.
  • severally One may find some analogy in the British Empire, whose members, as they grow into nations and become severally involved in relations with all other peoples, find it more necessary to reaffirm and to define their relations with one another.
  • severe In the beginning of September they were caught in a severe tempest, which separated the ships for a time, and held the Admiral weather-bound for eight days.
  • severely John Frederick answered, he did not believe that the Emperor would deal so severely with him; if, however, he were in earnest, they should let him know that he might order his affairs with his wife and children.
  • severn We come still closer to a firm conclusion upon taking into account, along with these two records, two of the portraits left to us by Severn.
  • sicily And in fact Gylippus, who was on his way with a squadron to their aid from Lacedaemon, hearing, on his voyage, of the wall surrounding them, and of their distress, only continued his enterprise thenceforth, that, giving Sicily up for lost, he might, if even that should be possible, secure the Italians their cities.
  • sickly Sickly as Oxford is to-day by climate and situation, she is a city of health compared to what she was in the middle ages.
  • silly Oh, how silly of me!
  • silver "Black or silver fox.
  • singly I believe there are few ladies in the British empire who are more familiar with ships, either singly or in squadron particularly the latter, than myself.
  • sliver Then he looked up from the sliver that he had been whittling absent-mindedly, and fixed keen eye on Straight.
  • smelly I made for the stairs, and, after a backward look into the street, I ran up. A smelly lamp shed a yellowish glare along a hall.
  • snarly
  • snivel
  • soberly
  • solely
  • sorely
  • sourly
  • steely
  • suavely
  • surely
  • surly
  • swivel
  • wifely
  • Beverly That's so, suh, but Mr. Beverly ain't a bad man-he's jest soft.
  • Beverley "You must remember," he went on, "that we have Miss Beverley on board.
  • severs A series of pipes conveys the gaseous food thus supplied to the upper surface of the leaf, where the sunlight falls full upon it. Now, the cells of the leaf contain a peculiar green digestive material, which I regret to say has no simpler or more cheerful name than chlorophyll; and where the sunlight plays upon this mysterious chlorophyll, it severs the oxygen from the carbon in the carbonic acid, turns the free gas loose upon the atmosphere once more through the tiny mouths, and retains the severed carbon intact in its own tissues.
  • savers Meanwhile the life savers seated themselves around him, each man looking inquiringly, eagerly, at the one whom they had thus suddenly decided should be the judge.
  • swirly
  • non-alcoholic Prenatal alcohol-related effects can occur with moderate levels of alcohol consumption by non-alcoholic and alcoholic women.

136 words made from the letters siverly

4 letter words made from siverly:

liye, lery, ervy, eris, iyer, veil, vyel, rise, vies, lies, rile, revi, evli, syli, elvi, visy, yser, very, ivry, lrvs, siye, levi, leiv, rely, lisy, vlei, slye, vyse, siel, vils, revy, svir, ivel, livy, veli, isle, sire, vise, levy, vier, siev, yeri, ryes, iler, ries, rive, leys, vril, vile, vlie, evry, reys, ryve, viel, ryle, live, lyre, irey, seli, ives, riel, liev, evil.

5 letter words made from siverly:

lyres, isley, viers, riely, leisy, evils, leirs, liver, veils, vleis, iveys, riels, liers, ervil, ivery, syver, riley, reily, slier, siler, levis, viler, syler, riles, ivers, velir, versi, isler, viser, veily, selvi, syrie, vires, ryves, vrils, livry, lisey, viles, revis, virls, vlies, isely, servi, levys, ryles, ilves, sirve, slyer, sylve.

3 letter words made from siverly:

ley, lev, esr, sly, ies, lvy, vie, lei, lvi, lir, rye, sir, lie, yes, irs, ire, lye, rev, ler, ivy, res, sle, liv, evl.

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