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How to spell SKEAK correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "skeak" instead of "speak", don't worry! Autocorrect and spellcheck can be lifesavers. They may offer you the correct suggestions, such as "speak", "sneak" or "steak". Remember to choose the right word to ensure your message is clear and understandable.

List of suggestions on how to spell skeak correctly

  • Keck The Keck Observatory in Hawaii is considered one of the world's leading astronomical research facilities.
  • seek I always seek to learn new things.
  • SKA
  • skein She untangled the colorful skein of yarn to begin her knitting project.
  • skew
  • skews The data skews significantly because of the bias.
  • skoal Skoal is a type of smokeless tobacco product.
  • skua The skua swooped down and snatched the fish from the water.
  • skulk The thief attempted to skulk through the dark alleyway unnoticed.
  • skunk I saw a skunk run across the road while driving home last night.
  • sleek The new sports car had a sleek design that turned heads as it cruised down the street.
  • sneak I had to sneak out of the party because I had to work the next day.
  • sneaky I was feeling sneaky so I went into the other room without knocking.
  • soak After a long and tiring day of work, I like to soak in a hot bubble bath for at least an hour.
  • speak I need to speak to my boss about my workload.
  • speck I can see a speck on the ceiling.
  • squeak I heard a slight squeak coming from the old wooden floorboards as I walked across the room.
  • steak I would like to order a medium-rare steak with a side of mashed potatoes.
  • SWAK

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