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How to spell SLAE correctly?

If you came across the misspelling "slae" and couldn't figure out the correct spelling, you might want to consider suggestions such as "sale", "slate" or "slay". These words are commonly confused due to their similar pronunciation, but a closer look can help you identify the intended word.

List of suggestions on how to spell slae correctly

  • SAE
  • sale The store is having a big sale on all of their products.
  • SLA
  • slab I need to buy a new slab of granite for my kitchen countertop.
  • slag The slag from the smelting process was collected and disposed of in a designated area.
  • slake I took a sip of water to slake my thirst.
  • slam The frustrated basketball player let out a scream and slammed the ball against the court.
  • slap The aggressive man threatened to slap anyone who got in his way.
  • SLAR
  • SLAs The IT department is working to ensure that all SLAs are met for the company's online services.
  • slat The wooden fence was made of slats of different sizes.
  • slate The interior designer had chosen a beautiful slate tile for the kitchen backsplash.
  • Slav Slavs have diverse cultural and linguistic traditions.
  • slave During the colonial times, many African-Americans were taken from their homes and forced to work as slaves on plantations.
  • slaw I always add a side of coleslaw to my barbecue sandwich.
  • slay She didn't just dance, she slayed the audience with her moves.
  • sloe The hedgerow was abundant with sloe berries, ready to be picked for jam making.
  • slue The car slid out of control and slued across the icy road.
  • STAE

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