How to spell SLAPED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "slaped" instead of "slapped", fear not! Spellcheck is here to save the day. You may find alternative suggestions like "slipped", "spaced" or "scraped". However, the correct spelling you're looking for is undoubtedly "slapped."

List of suggestions on how to spell slaped correctly

  • Clapped I clapped my hands in excitement as the band took the stage.
  • Flapped
  • Lapped She lapped up the water from the bowl.
  • Leaped The cat leaped over the fence to catch the mouse.
  • Loped After I had loped for a while, the feeling of fatigue began to set in.
  • Sapped The water was sapped of all its vitality.
  • Scalped The cowboy was scalped by the Indians during the battle.
  • Scarped He had scarped the concrete with a tire iron.
  • sealed The envelope was sealed shut with a strip of sticky tape across the top.
  • seeped I seeped a little oil onto the stove.
  • shaped The cloud above us was shaped like a dinosaur.
  • Sipped
  • Slacked I was so tired from work, but I decided to hit the Slacked app anyways.
  • Slagged I was so disappointed with the dinner, I slagged it off to my mates.
  • slaked After a long, hot afternoon of working in the sun, he slaked his thirst with a refreshing glass of lemonade.
  • Slammed Mom slammed the door shut.
  • slap He wanted to slap the person who insulted him.
  • slapped He slapped his forehead in frustration when he realized he had forgotten his keys.
  • slapper
  • slaps He slaps mosquitoes on his arms.
  • slashed She had her hair slashed into an asymmetrical bob.
  • slate The slate was clean, but there was a nasty stain on the white surface.
  • Slated
  • slater The slater crawled out from under the rock.
  • Slatted I always worry about my safety when I'm out in the open, so I slatted my window to keep thieves at bay
  • Slaved The workers slaved away in the fields all day.
  • slayed The dragon was eventually slayed by the brave knight.
  • sled
  • Slipped I slipped on the wet surface.
  • slope Upon reaching the top of the slope, I found myself at the edge of a cliff.
  • sloped The driveway sloped down towards the street.
  • slopped I accidentally spilled my drink on myself and slopped it all over my shirt.
  • Slued Jonathan had a lousy morning and seems to be slued for the rest of the day.
  • slumped She slumped onto the sofa, her head in her hands.
  • slurped After downing her drink, the woman slurped it down her throat.
  • Snapped I snapped when I saw her downloading that app.
  • Soaped She soaped her body thoroughly before stepping into the shower.
  • Solaced I was solaced by my dog's companionship.
  • Sopped The sponge sopped up the spilled juice.
  • Sped The car sped down the highway at 100 miles per hour.
  • Supped We supped on stew and fresh bread by the fireplace.
  • Swapped My car had a flat tire, so I swapped it with my friend's car.

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