Correct spelling for SLARKEN

We think the word slarken is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for slarken

  • blacken It is so base, so vile-it seems to blacken my soul only to think of it!
  • liken Common meanings of nazoraeru, according to dictionaries, are "to imitate," "to compare," "to liken;" but the esoteric meaning is to substitute, in imagination, one object or action for another, so as to bring about some magical or miraculous result.
  • silken And here the Princess rested for the night in a very fine bedroom indeed, all hung with silken curtains; and the Lord and Lady of the Castle did everything to please her and make her comfortable.
  • slack We kept the men employed in putting the brig to rights, and setting up the rigging, which had become slack from the hot weather.
  • slacken But observing that the little girl's face was becoming pale, he shouted at the Bedouins, running ahead, to slacken their pace.
  • slacker So when he's sittin' there in his favorite window at the club, starin' absent minded out on Fifth Avenue with a tall glass at his elbow, he ain't half the slacker he looks to the people on top of the green buses.
  • slacking Slacking only to be slacked, cars dart off the road and up a gravel driveway that encircles Claxton Inn like a lariat swung, then park themselves among the trees, lights dimmed.
  • slain It was uglier than the one he had just slain and hidden away in the bush.
  • slake As to the Rangers, enough has been accomplished to slake their revengeful thirst-for the time.
  • slaked A bushel of lump-lime, weighing eighty pounds, should be slaked and evenly distributed over the surface of the plat of ground.
  • Larking The days came and went; the trees put on their glorious autumn tints, and then gradually grew bare and lifeless, while we boys went on with our accustomed round of school life, labouring at our desks, and larking with unbounded stock of animal spirits in the playground.
  • Slacked A few miles from the city he slacked his speed, and dismounting by a running brook, sat down to think.
  • Slackened For a few minutes he walked rapidly, then he slackened his pace.
  • Slaking Giles began by some amount of bullying, by way of slaking his wrath at the preference shown for one whom he continued to style a beggarly brat picked up on the heath; but Stephen was good-humoured, and accustomed to give and take, and they both found their level, as well in the Dragon court as among the world outside, where the London prentices were a strong and redoubtable body, with rude, not to say cruel, rites of initiation among themselves, plenty of rivalries and enmities between house and house, guild and guild, but a united, not to say ferocious, esprit de corps against every one else.
  • slakes A few Bushmen, who have habituated themselves to its use, are always to be found in the vicinity, but woe betide the unhappy human creature of any other breed who slakes his thirst at this poisonous spot; he will almost assuredly die if obliged to drink the water for three days in succession.
  • slackens I think that the interest slackens a little when Nanon gets the idea of becoming rich.

216 words made from the letters slarken

5 letter words made from slarken:

klare, kaler, laner, salek, lanre, narks, rasen, karns, sarek, snake, rakes, kaser, eskan, krens, kearl, skran, arens, snerk, nelas, skear, krsna, arnes, lerna, skane, nerks, elsan, nekra, knars, arken, lensk, selar, searl, larks, laser, reans, larne, lekan, senal, alers, ekans, reaks, kerns, ankle, arkle, elkan, saler, krane, lenas, kales, alken, reals, kanes, slake, akens, kasel, saner, salen, arkel, klans, earns, erlan, asner, lekra, leans, renal, alsek, anser, alsen, leaks, esnal, sarel, saren, neral, sneak, larns, ekran, ranks, karne, skarn, rnase, elans, keras, raske, leask, akers, senka, selan, laers, erkan, laske, neals, sklar, seral, nears, narek, kaner, lasne, ernak, karen, kenar, learn, lanks, ranke, lakes, snare, krans, klase, karls, larke, skale, asker, alker, snarl, sanel, slean.

4 letter words made from slarken:

klan, earn, rale, sknl, krla, saek, nask, arse, lane, rask, anle, lran, kern, aker, larn, rase, laks, snel, alne, esla, kaen, lear, leak, eral, keal, esna, enka, sker, kesa, elan, elks, arsk, sear, selk, sake, nark, kran, ares, kale, renk, kera, sane, rake, sale, ernk, rank, sakr, erak, arks, lake, klen, lena, lesk, real, seal, skle, knla, leka, krna, akre, lark, skal, lasn, near, raks, earl, anek, lens, lean, reka, salk, lank, kean, eaks, neak.

3 letter words made from slarken:

ern, kea, als, ler, asl, ask, enl, esr, ark, lan, ans, ale, era, ken, res, sen, ear, ras, lea, lek, sea, ane, elk, sle, rna, are.

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