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How to spell SLAYN correctly?

If you've misspelled "slayn", fear not as there are suitable alternatives. "Slain" is the proper past participle form of "slay". This word denotes someone or something that has been killed or destroyed. So, next time you wish to refer to such an event, remember to use the word "slain."

List of suggestions on how to spell slayn correctly

  • Lain
  • lan
  • lawn I spend my weekends mowing the lawn.
  • San
  • Sean
  • slain
  • slang Learning the local slang is important if you want to fit in with the people in this area.
  • slant
  • slaw
  • slay The brave knight managed to slay the fire-breathing dragon and saved the kingdom.
  • slaying The knight rode into battle, slaying his enemies with ease.
  • slays She slays with her fashion sense.
  • Sloan Sloan was grateful for the offer of help, but decided to tackle the project on her own.
  • sly The sly fox snuck into the henhouse without making a sound.

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