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How to spell SLDING correctly?

If you are looking for the correct suggestions for the misspelling "slding", here are some possible options: "sliding", "gliding" or "slaying". Each word has a different meaning, so make sure to choose the spelling that accurately represents your intended message.

List of suggestions on how to spell slding correctly

  • lading The lading of the cargo ship was carefully inspected by the customs officials.
  • salting Salting the sidewalks can help prevent accidents from slippery ice.
  • scalding The water in the pot was scalding hot and nearly burned my hand when I tried to pour it.
  • scolding Her mother gave her a scolding for not doing her homework.
  • Seeding I will start seeding the garden tomorrow so that our vegetables will grow properly.
  • selling They are having a hard time selling their old car.
  • siding The house has white vinyl siding.
  • Sidling The cat was sidling along the wall, trying to avoid being noticed.
  • Silting The river channel is at risk of becoming blocked due to the silting caused by the construction site upstream.
  • slain The hero had already slain the dragon before the princess even woke up.
  • slating I am slating three candidates for the job opening.
  • sledding My family and I enjoy sledding down the hill behind our house during the winter.
  • Sledging I love sledging my friends with witty comments in conversation.
  • sliding Sara threw a couch across the room, landing on the sliding glass door, which shattered.
  • sling She had to wear a sling on her arm after she fell down the stairs.
  • Sluing
  • sodding I'm going to go sodding to bed.
  • Soling There is a Soling class at my school.
  • soloing John decided to skip the chorus and spend more time soloing on his guitar during the performance.
  • sting The sting of a bee is what keeps it alive.

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