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How to spell SLEAT correctly?

If you came across the misspelling "sleat", here are a few possible correct suggestions: slate, seat, slant, set, sleet, sweat, sleep or slat. Double-check the intended context and choose the appropriate word accordingly to convey the intended meaning accurately.

List of suggestions on how to spell sleat correctly

  • bleat The sheep would always bleat loudly when they saw the farmer coming with their food.
  • cleat I need to tighten the cleat on my cycling shoe before my ride.
  • islet
  • lat
  • lead
  • least I have to choose the least expensive option.
  • lest
  • let
  • LSAT I am studying for the LSAT to prepare for law school.
  • pleat
  • sat
  • seal The seal on the letter was broken.
  • seat The driver's seat is in the front.
  • SEATO The Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, commonly known as SEATO, was created for collective defense against communist expansion in Southeast Asia.
  • select The select menu allows you to choose from a variety of dishes.
  • set She needed to set the table for dinner.
  • sett I need a new chair, the one I am sitting in is a sett!
  • silent She is a silent girl.
  • slant Given the choice between a straight and a slanted path, many people would choose the slant.
  • slat The wooden slat broke under the weight of the heavy object.
  • slate I love writing on slate.
  • SLATS I have to put those slats in the window.
  • slaw I'll have a slaw sandwich for lunch.
  • slay
  • sled On the sled, they raced down the hill.
  • sleet The roads were covered in sleet, making it difficult to drive.
  • sleets The sky is gray and it sleets outside, causing the roads to become slippery.
  • sleety It was sleety outside and the pedestrians were bundled up.
  • Slept
  • slew The eagle flew so fast that it slew the prey.
  • sliest The sliest of the group, he always managed to get away with anything.
  • slit He made a small slit in the envelope to peek inside.
  • slot I put my money in the slot and the machine dispensed my winnings.
  • splat I accidentally dropped the jar of paint, and it made a loud splat on the floor.
  • steal She had to steal a glance at him before turning away.
  • suet
  • sweat After running three miles, I was covered in sweat.

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