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How to spell SLEPY correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "slepy", worry not, for here are a few correct alternatives: "sleepy", "sleek" or "slippy". Remember to pay attention to context to determine the most suitable choice.

List of suggestions on how to spell slepy correctly

  • sappy I don't like sappy movies because they make me cry.
  • seep Water begins to seep through the cracks in the pavement during heavy rain.
  • Sepoy
  • slap I wanted to slap him for saying such a stupid thing.
  • slaps
  • slay The knight set out to slay the dragon and save the kingdom.
  • sleazy I don't trust that salesman, his tactics are pretty sleazy.
  • sled
  • sleep I need to sleep early tonight because I have an important meeting tomorrow morning.
  • sleeps
  • sleepy I am feeling very sleepy today after staying up late last night.
  • sleety The roads were treacherous with the sleety weather making it difficult for drivers to navigate.
  • Slept
  • slew After the heavy rainfall, the city experienced a slew of flooding that caused extensive damages to the houses and buildings.
  • slip
  • slippy I almost fell on the slippy ice.
  • slips I need to buy some new slips to wear under my dresses.
  • slop He ate his slop with disgust as he longed for a proper meal.
  • slope The skier glided down the steep slope of the mountain.
  • sloppy I spilled my coffee all over my shirt and now I'm feeling sloppy.
  • slops The kitchen workers dumped the slops from the dinner plates into the compost bin.
  • sly She was sly about what she was going to do.
  • soapy I dropped the soap in the shower this morning and had to bend down to pick up the soapy bar.
  • solely
  • soppy My best friend is always soppy about her new love.
  • soupy The soup was a little too soupy for my taste.
  • spy I suspect my neighbor is a spy.
  • step Jacob took a step towards the door.

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