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How to spell SLERED correctly?

If you meant to say "slered" but it's not a recognized word, here are some similar suggestions that might provide clarity. You could have meant "slurred", implying unclear speech or "sleered", hinting at a leering expression. Alternatively, if you were referring to the act of slicing, "sliced" would be more appropriate.

List of suggestions on how to spell slered correctly

  • Blared The sirens blared as the fire truck rushed down the street.
  • cleared The fog finally cleared, revealing a beautiful sunrise.
  • flared
  • Glared The angry teacher glared at the noisy students to silence them.
  • Leered The creepy man leered at her as she walked by, making her feel uncomfortable and unsafe.
  • Lured The fish was lured by the bait on the end of the hook.
  • sacred The temple is considered a sacred place by the locals.
  • scared I was scared to enter the haunted house.
  • Scored The team scored a total of five goals during the game.
  • seared I seared the steak to give it a nice crust.
  • severed Mark's neck was severed by the sword.
  • Silvered The old mirror was heavily silvered and had started to develop some cracks.
  • Sired The horse was sired by the stallion I purchased from Ivan.
  • slaked After finishing the marathon, her thirst was finally slaked by a cold glass of water.
  • Slated The meeting has been slated for next Tuesday.
  • Slaved
  • Slavered The dog slavered as it eagerly awaited its treat.
  • slayed The dragon slayer heroically slayed the menacing beast with his sword.
  • sled I am looking forward to going sledding with my friends this winter, and I hope we find a great hill to sled down!
  • Sledded The snow was so deep that we were sledded down the hill.
  • Sledged He sledged me down the hill.
  • Sleeked The sleeked lawnmower snarled as it cut through the tall grass.
  • sleet I drove in sleet all the way from town.
  • Sleeted I sleeted on my lovely new dress.
  • sleeved She wore a long-sleeved shirt to stay warm in the chilly weather.
  • Slewed My car slewed across the road in a hurry.
  • sliced She sliced the bread for sandwiches.
  • Slivered After slicing the apple, Chris slivered it into small chunks.
  • sloped The roof is sloped so rainwater can run down it easily.
  • Slowed The car slowed down as it approached the narrow bridge.
  • Slued I'm slued.
  • slurped The little boy slurped his soup noisily and got scolded by his mother.
  • slurred The man's speech was so slurred, it was difficult to understand him.
  • smeared He carefully wiped the smeared paint off his hand.
  • Snared
  • Sneered When I saw her sneered at, I knew I had to do something about it.
  • Snored My grandpa snored so loudly that I could hear him from across the house.
  • Soared The stock market soared after news of the company's record-breaking profits was announced.
  • Sobered After the party, I was sobered up by my experience.
  • Soldered The computer was soldered to the motherboard.
  • soured After losing his job, his normally sweet disposition soured and he became bitter and resentful.
  • Spared He was spared from the punishment due to his good behavior.
  • Speared The shark was speared by the spear fisherman.
  • spored I was going to take a photo of my spored fungi, but I got bit by a spider and Now I can't
  • stared He stared at the blank page in front of him, wondering how to begin his essay.
  • Steered The captain steered the ship through the rocky waters.
  • stored Stored away for the long winter.

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