Correct spelling for SLETING

We think the word sleting is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for sleting

  • Sledding(Definition of sledding)
  • For the winter the town went back to its time honored sport of sledding, "coasting" it is termed nowadays.

  • Pelting(Definition of pelting)
  • They scrambled desperately upwards through the pelting storm of lead, guided by the flashes from the muzzles of the turkish rifles.

  • Siting
  • Atkins commissioned by the rspb) be significantly greater than for the cardiff-weston barrage, and is in part a result of siting the structure at the "outer" minehead to aberthaw line, which roughly doubles the volume of tidal water available.

  • Belting(Definition of belting)
  • The piece enclosed by the dotted lines is that employed in the manufacture of the commonest belting, while that enclosed by the full lines b, c, d is that used for the best belting.

  • Sling(Definition of sling)
  • Slotting(Definition of Slotting)
  • Sliding(Definition of sliding)
  • Selling
  • What is wheat selling at?

  • Felting(Definition of Felting)
  • Commercial knitting yarns typically use 30–50% angora, in order to produce some halo, warmth, and softness without the side effects of excessive felting.

  • Sluing
  • Slating(Definition of slating)
  • However, the film was shelved for the following two years, until in 1997, when columbia re-edited and re-titled it texas chainsaw massacre: the next generation, slating it for a late august release.

  • Selecting
  • Shaughnessy was standing with his back to them, leisurely selecting a cigar from his case, preparatory to going.

  • Setting(Definition of setting)
  • On the seventh day, the 30th of august, there was every appearance of wet setting in.

  • Silting
  • Hooker or shoots barrage—1987 this wimpey atkins 1984 study was criticised because it did not tackle the issue of silting and in 1987 arthur hooker obe (a former partner of ws atkins) in conjunction with parsons brinckerhoff prepared a revised barrage proposed at english stones to better tackle this issue.

  • Sleuthing
  • Slighting(Definition of slighting)
  • Smelting(Definition of Smelting)
  • Salting(Definition of salting)
  • It is necessary to mention, for the information of others, that we had now some pork on board, salted at ulietea, and as good as any i ever eat. the manner in which we cured it, was this: in the cool of the evening the hogs were killed, dressed, cut up, the bones cut out, and the flesh salted while it was yet hot. the next morning we gave it a second salting, packed it into a cask, and put to it a sufficient quantity of strong pickle.

  • Seating(Definition of seating)
  • "nothing," replied the knight, in an agitated voice, and seating himself beside wallace.

  • Sating
  • Shelley also referred to the basilisk in his poem "queen mab:" those deserts of immeasurable sand, whose age-collected fervors scarce allowed where the shrill chirp of the green lizards love broke on the sultry silentness alone, now teem with countless rills and shady woods, cornfields and pastures and white cottages; and where the startled wilderness beheld a savage conqueror stained in kindred blood, a tigress sating with the flesh of lambs the unnatural famine of her toothless cubs, whilst shouts and howlings through the desert rang,—  sloping and smooth the daisy-spangled lawn, offering sweet incense to the sunrise, smiles to see a babe before his mothers door, sharing his mornings meal with the green and golden basilisk that comes to lick his feet.

  • Melting(Definition of melting)
  • Over all, in the distance, rises monte amiata melting imperceptibly into sky and plain.

  • Sleeting
  • Saltine
  • Cracker barrel cheese crystal light dadák (coffee) (czech republic) dairylea (europe) easy cheese eden (philippines) el caserío (spain) estrella (lithuania) field (peru) figaro (chocolate) (slovakia, czeck republic) filipinos (snack food) (spain, portugal) fontaneda (biscuits) (spain) fudgee-o (canada) general foods international gevalia (sweden) győri keksz (biscuits hungary) grey poupon (mustard) handi-snacks harvest crisps honey maid in-a-biskit (australia) jacobs (biscuits) japp (scandinavia) jell-o (gelatin dessert) jet-puffed marshmallows jiagai (china) knox (gelatin) knudsen (dairy, california) kong haakon (norway) kolonáda (czech republic) kool-aid (flavored drink mix) karuna (chocolate) (lithuania) kraft bbq sauce kraft caramels kraft macaroni and cheese kraft dinner (canada) kraft easymac kraft mayo kraft bagelfuls kraft peanut butter (canada) kraft singles (pasteurized prepared cheese product) kraft sandwich spread kraker bran lacta (brazil, greece) liga (netherlands) lunchables lyuks (potato chips) (ukraine) maarud (potato chips) (norway) maxwell house (coffee) mellow birds coffee (united kingdom) mio miracle whip (salad dressing spread) miracoli (germany) mostro (peru) nabob (coffee) (canada) non-stop (scandinavia) oboy (scandinavia, estonia) osmile (taiwan) onko (coffee) opavia (czech republic, slovakia) orchard crisps oscar mayer grated parmesan cheese pacific crackers (china) philadelphia cream cheese pigrolac planters poiana (romania) polly-o (cheese) phub premium (a nabisco brand of saltine crackers) ptit québec pure kraft salad dressings ritz metro royal baking powder saiwa (italian division of nabisco) seven seas (salad dressings) saimaza (spain) sanka (decaffeinated coffee) shake n bake simmenthal (canned meat) snackabouts south beach living starbucks (grocery store items) - starbucks dissolved the partnership in 2011 stove top stuffing svoge (bulgaria) swiss crackers sugar wafers taco bell (grocery store items) tang tassimo (single-serve coffee machines using pods branded as t-discs) terrabusi (kraft foods argentina) tiger energy biscuits (southeast asian countries) toasted chips twisties (malaysia) uguan (china) velveeta mondelez international further information: mondelez international alpen gold (chocolate) (hungary, russia) arrowroot biscuits bakers chocolate bassetts (united kingdom) beemans gum belvita (malaysia, indonesia, thailand, singapore, philippines, germany, spain, france, united kingdom, ireland) biskuat (indonesia) bubbaloo cadbury carte noire cheese nips chiclets chips ahoy!

  • Slitting(Definition of Slitting)
  • Sting(Definition of sting)
  • Letting(Definition of letting)
  • A door opened, letting out a glow of warm, cheerful light.

  • Slanting(Definition of slanting)
  • A few days later there came a letter addressed in a fine slanting hand.

  • Welting(Definition of Welting)
  • Sledging
  • Scott described our sledging here as "exceedingly good going," we were only just starting, that is lashly and myself, for we two were in harness for more than three months on end.

  • Saluting
  • "your own rudeness and insult," answered wilhelmine proudly, as she turned, without saluting him, to the sitting-room.

194 words made from the letters sleting

5 letter words made from sleting:

sting, eglin, ligne, sitel, etlis, geits, teign, steig, sient, liens, geils, stein, genis, lenti, islet, tiles, ngsit, stile, genil, setin, nitel, eling, gelts, tingl, linge, singl, steil, slite, nestl, stiel, gines, legin, silen, sleng, liest, senti, inset, getin, glens, tinle, teils, gelin, gites, sengi, inlet, legit, nelis, istel, egils, isneg, tiegs, ingls, tilse, tiens, sigel, liten, singe, tsing, seing, senil, gilet, tiges, tieng, insel, liegt, selin, leint, segni, tsien, glint, gents, ingel, elint, tings, lings, lengs, leins, entsi, tsine, sling, tseng, leist, tengi, lenig, enlit, eilts, tines, tinge, liste, estil, lints, stieg, tenis, etsin, eltis, gleis.

4 letter words made from sleting:

leit, lint, egin, lein, line, gien, sing, lnge, siel, iten, igel, lets, nits, sent, slit, liet, nige, gilt, ling, sein, seli, leti, ings, list, segi, inle, ilet, glis, tile, ting, gelt, sign, silt, nisl, legi, lens, nget, inst, gist, lite, sine, gets, snel, nets, lies, snit, gnel, legs, gent, gens, glen, lest, isle, leni, tsen, lien, inge, engi, giel, ties, nest, sieg, site, tine, egli, egis, nile, teli, tiel, lent.

3 letter words made from sleting:

lei, lin, gin, get, sle, sen, ige, tin, net, ies, gen, leg, sit, est, teg, lie, nit, gel, set, let, lit, nig, sin, tie, ent, ten, nil, enl.