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How to spell SLEVE correctly?

If you mistakenly spelled "sleve" and are unsure of the correct spelling, here are a few suggestions that might help you find the right word. It could be "sleeve", which refers to the covering of a garment for the arm. Alternatively, you might have meant "solve", meaning to find a solution or answer to a problem. Another option could be "slave", referring to a person who is forced to work under harsh conditions.

List of suggestions on how to spell sleve correctly

  • lave After a day of hiking, I like to lave my sore muscles in a warm bath.
  • leave
  • levee The levee of the Mississippi River prevented the flooding of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.
  • lever
  • levi His jacket was too small for him, so Levi had to give it to him.
  • levy The government has announced a new tax levy on all imported luxury goods.
  • live I would love to live near the beach someday.
  • love
  • salve I forgot my salve.
  • save Please save your document before you close the file.
  • serve I always serve coffee to my guests when they come over.
  • sever He decided to sever ties with his business partners.
  • shelve I had to shelve my book because it was too heavy.
  • sieve When sieving flour, the flour should be gently warmed in the sieve so that the starch granules will release from the
  • slav
  • Slaved He slaved over his work for hours, trying to perfect every detail.
  • slaver He was a slaver.
  • Slaves Slaves were treated as property rather than human beings.
  • sleek
  • sleep
  • sleet I walked outside in my pajama pants and sock feet to take a picture of the sleet.
  • sleeve I can't wear this dress without a sleeve.
  • sleeved She wore a long-sleeved dress to the party.
  • sleeves I usually wear long sleeves to avoid getting skin caught on the controls.
  • slew The farmer had a slew of chores to do before he could call it a day.
  • sliver I found a sliver of glass in my hand after accidentally breaking a vase.
  • sloe I picked a sour sloe from my grandfather's collection.
  • sloven She was disgusted by her roommate's sloven habits.
  • slue
  • Soever I will do whatever it takes to get the job done, soever the difficulties I may encounter.
  • solve I hope I can solve this difficult puzzle before the party is over.
  • Steve Steve is my neighbor who loves to play guitar.

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