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How to spell SLEVEED correctly?

If you've come across the misspelling "sleveed", fear not! The correct suggestions include "sleeved" or perhaps "slieved". "Sleeved" indicates that something is equipped with sleeves, while "slieved" may refer to the process of making or attaching sleeves. Remember to proofread your work to avoid such errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell sleveed correctly

  • Levied The government levied a heavy tax on imported goods.
  • sieved I sieved my flour before I measured it.
  • Slaved The workers slaved away for twelve hours a day in the hot sun.
  • Slavered I was slavered until I was weak.
  • Sledded After class, he headed for his sledded vehicle.
  • Sledged The children sledged down the hill, laughing and shouting with joy.
  • Sleeked I spotted a sleeked up cat walking down the street.
  • Sleeted The roads were dangerous as it had sleeted heavily overnight.
  • sleeved She wore a long-sleeved shirt under her sweater to better brace up for winter.
  • Slewed The car slewed on the ice.
  • Slivered She slivered the almond into tiny pieces for the topping.

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