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How to spell SLEZY correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "slezy", here are a few correct suggestions: "sleazy" meaning disreputable or sordid, "sleek" describing something streamlined or smooth, and "sleigh" referring to a horse-drawn vehicle used in winter. Keep in mind the context to select the appropriate term.

List of suggestions on how to spell slezy correctly

  • lazy I feel so lazy today and don't want to do anything.
  • SECY
  • slay The warrior was able to slay the dragon and save the kingdom.
  • sleaze The politician was caught with a sleaze sheet during the campaign.
  • sleazy I don't understand why he's always sleazy about women.
  • sled The sled was packed tight with packages.
  • sleds In winter, the children love to ride their sleds down the snowy hill.
  • sleek The sports car had a sleek design that turned heads as it zoomed past.
  • sleep I need some sleep before my meeting tomorrow.
  • sleepy I feel sleepy because I didn't get enough rest last night.
  • sleet I was walking outside when I saw the sleet pelting the ground.
  • sleety I awoke to sleety rain outside my window.
  • slew After the hullabaloo died down, a slew of fans requested a repeat performance of the band's hit song.
  • slews
  • slimy I don't feel like going to the pool today because the water feels slimy.
  • sly The sly fox crept through the bushes, hoping to catch its prey off guard.
  • slyly He slyly stole a cookie from the cookie jar without anyone noticing.
  • solely This is a book that is solely about Jane Austen.
  • suez
  • Suzy I have a Suzy, and she's the best dog ever!

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