How to spell SLEZZY correctly?

The correct spelling for "slezzy" is most likely "sleazy". Alternatively, it could be "slezie" or "sleesy". Remember to utilize a spell checker or online dictionary to ensure proper spelling in future communications.

List of suggestions on how to spell slezzy correctly

  • Lizzy Lizzy is my sister's name.
  • scuzzy I'm not very keen on the scuzzy smell of this place.
  • sleaze I refuse to associate with someone who has a reputation for sleaze.
  • sleazy The sleazy salesperson was trying to sell me something I didn't need.
  • sleepy After the long and tiring hike, she felt very sleepy and just wanted to curl up in bed.
  • sleety Despite the sleety conditions outside, I ventured out.
  • snazzy He's wearing a snazzy new suit.

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