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How to spell SLITED correctly?

If you meant to write "slighted", the correct spelling for feeling ignored, belittled or disrespected, you can use that instead. Other options include "slit" for a narrow opening or cut or "sleeted" for when precipitation falls as freezing rain. To avoid confusion, double-check your spelling before hitting send.

List of suggestions on how to spell slited correctly

  • Cited The author cited numerous studies to support her argument.
  • lilted As the musician played the melody, the notes lilted through the air and filled the room with a warm sensation.
  • listed The items that are required for the project are listed in the document.
  • salted
  • Saluted The military officer saluted the flag as it passed by during the parade.
  • sated After eating the large meal, she finally felt sated.
  • Sided
  • Sifted After I added the flour, I sifted it to remove any clumps.
  • Silted The river had been silted up with all the water that had |been used to clean the streets.
  • Sited The new building has been sited on the outskirts of the city.
  • slanted The slanted roof allowed rain water to slide off quickly.
  • slate She broke her slate while writing her math equations.
  • Slated The movie was slated to release next month, but it got delayed due to technical issues.
  • Slatted The slatted wooden blinds allowed just enough light to filter into the room.
  • sled
  • Sleeted Yesterday it sleeted so heavily that I could hardly see the road while driving.
  • sliced She carefully sliced the tomatoes for the sandwich.
  • Slid She slid her hand down his thigh.
  • slide The kids had a blast going down the slide at the playground.
  • Slighted After being slighted by her colleagues, Sarah decided to quit her job and find a more supportive work environment.
  • slit She carefully slit the envelope open to retrieve the letter.
  • Slitter I'm going to have to cut my jeans off with a slitter.
  • Slotted The mechanic slotted the new brake pads into place.
  • Slued After cheering for the final out, I headed to the Slued to celebrate.
  • Spited She spited her ex-boyfriend by going out with his best friend.
  • stilted
  • suited The dress she was wearing was perfectly suited for the formal event.

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