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How to spell SLITLY correctly?

The misspelling "slitly" could possibly refer to "slightly". This means that the correct word to use is "slightly". "Slight" is an adjective that means small or insignificant, while "slightly" is an adverb that means to a small degree or extent. Therefore, it is important to note the correct spelling when communicating.

List of suggestions on how to spell slitly correctly

  • flatly She refused his request flatly.
  • saintly Mother Teresa was known for her saintly behavior and her devotion to helping the poor.
  • slickly The thieves slickly escaped from the bank before the police arrived.
  • slightly The temperature outside is slightly cooler than yesterday.
  • slit slit open the cloth to reveal the nude body
  • slits The cat's eyes had tiny slits in bright sunlight.
  • slowly She slowly ate her sandwich.
  • slyly He slyly sneaked up behind his sister and scared her.
  • softly I softly whispered to her that I loved her.
  • solidly He was solidly built and could easily lift heavy weights.
  • subtly She subtly intimated that she didn't appreciate the gift.

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