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How to spell SLOSE correctly?

If you have typed "slose" instead of "close", don't worry! Common misspellings happen to everyone. Here are some suggestions to correct it: "close", "slose" (if you actually intended to use this term), "lose" or "sloose" (if you meant to convey looseness). Remember to proofread your work before finalizing!

List of suggestions on how to spell slose correctly

  • close I need to get close to the stage to see the performers.
  • loose
  • lose
  • loser She always calls me a loser just because I'm not interested in partying every weekend.
  • loses She loses her keys every day.
  • louse My cat had a louse, and I had to take her to the vet to get it treated.
  • silos The company's lack of communication and teamwork resulted in employees working in silos, hindering efficient productivity.
  • slice
  • slobs I can't stand living with roommates who are complete slobs and never clean up after themselves.
  • sloe She picked a small, black sloe from the fruit basket and popped it into her mouth.
  • slope The skier quickly gained speed as he descended down the steep slope.
  • SLOPES The skiers were excited to hit the slopes at the mountain resort.
  • slops I always feel so lazy after eating slops.
  • slosh I could hear the slosh of the waves against the shore.
  • sloshes The water sloshes in the bucket as I carry it.
  • slots I love to visit the slots at the casino.
  • Slows As we age, our metabolism slows down which can result in weight gain.
  • sole
  • Solos The guitarist played multiple solos during the rock concert.
  • sos
  • souse I can't eat this sandwich, it's completely souse with mustard.

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