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How to spell SLOTER correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "sloter", it's likely that you meant to write "slaughter". Double-check your spelling to avoid confusion, but if you indeed meant "slaughter", consider using it in the right context as it refers to the killing of animals for food or the act of killing people ruthlessly.

List of suggestions on how to spell sloter correctly

  • later
  • liter The liter is a standard measurement of volume in the metric system.
  • loiter I aim to loiter and avoid responsibilities.
  • looter The police arrested the looter who was stealing goods from the store during the riot.
  • salter I asked the salter to add a sprinkle of salt to my fries.
  • slate I need to check my slate to see if I have any meetings scheduled for today.
  • slater
  • slider
  • Slitter The slitter cut the carpet cleanly without a flaw.
  • sloe She plucked a sloe from the tree and took a bite.
  • slot I need to plug my laptop into the AC adapter and find the slot.
  • slots I won three hundred dollars playing the slots at the casino.
  • Slotted The tool was slotted in tight beside the bolts.
  • slower The old computer runs slower than the newer models.
  • softer I need to be a bit softer when I speak to her.
  • sootier The inside of the chimney was much sootier than expected, requiring a thorough cleaning.
  • sorter The mail sorter organized all the envelopes and packages for delivery.

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