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How to spell SLOTING correctly?

If you've misspelled "sloting", fear not! The correct suggestions for this word could be "slotting" or "sloping". "Slotting" refers to the act of placing something into a slot, while "sloping" refers to a surface or angle that is inclined or inclined. Double-check and choose the right term for your context.

List of suggestions on how to spell sloting correctly

  • looting During times of civil unrest, some individuals engage in looting and vandalism as a form of protest.
  • salting I am salting the French fries to enhance their flavor.
  • Saluting
  • Sating Sating your hunger with healthy meals is important for maintaining your well-being.
  • Silting The silting of the river has caused the water flow to slow down.
  • siting The process of siting the new factory took several months of careful consideration.
  • slanting The sun was slanting through the trees, casting an orange light over the forest floor.
  • slating I am giving her the hard time she deserves, she is slating me to my friends.
  • Sleeting It is sleeting outside, so make sure to bundle up before you go out.
  • sliding I'm sliding on the ice, it's so slippery!
  • sling
  • Slitting The machine is designed for slitting large rolls of paper into smaller sizes.
  • sloping The sloping hill made it difficult to walk without slipping.
  • slot in
  • Slotting The company started slotting their products in different categories for better organization.
  • slowing The car was slowing down as it approached the red stoplight.
  • Sluing The car lost control and began sluing across the wet road.
  • Soling Overall, the Soling seems like a quality boot.
  • soloing She was nervous about soloing on the guitar in front of her classmates.
  • sorting I spent hours sorting through my closet to find the perfect outfit for the party.
  • sting I accidentally sat on a bee and felt the painful sting.

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