How to spell SLOWD correctly?

We think the word slowd is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell slowd correctly

  • lewd The fakir was squatting in the distance, on a big white stone, and in the quiet of the gloaming Cunningham could hear his coarse, lewd voice tossing crumbs of abuse and mockery to the seven or eight villagers who squatted near him-half-amused, half-frightened, and altogether credulous.
  • load Haven't much of a load on to-night."
  • lord "I have heard even worse, my Lord," said Nelligan.
  • loud The little varmin, to croap so loud!
  • salad Serve with or without salad dressing.
  • slaw Salt your cabbage first as for slaw, and let it stand two or three hours.
  • sled But after a painful struggle up a steep cliff, waist-deep in snow, and a crawl into the cheerless refuge, the cry was raised, "A sled is lost!"
  • slew Strange to the world wert thou, and strange the fate That took thee off, that slew thee; woe is me!
  • slide On the other hand, there are two drawbacks to the slide.
  • sloe The moth flies in July and August, and occurs in gardens, but is said to be partial to sloe bushes and hedges.
  • sloped Directly in advance of where we rested, a long hill sloped gently upward for perhaps a hundred yards, its crest topped with a thick growth of young oak-trees, yet seemingly devoid of underbrush.
  • slot The limit to which L can be moved to the left is until it comes against the stop x, but the limit to which it can be moved to the right is governed by the height of the stop r in the slot in L. If stop r is set at its highest position in the slot, L can be moved to the right until the stop r meets the right hand step on the circumference of M, and a maximum of log feed is given.
  • slow This clock's too slow."
  • sod
  • sold I sold my bike on Craigslist.
  • soled
  • solid This is a solid cake.
  • stow We stowed ouritems in the trunk of the car.
  • Slewed So, very sad-like, he went back to his own chaise-that was now slewed about for Falmouth-and off the procession started at an easy trot, the good man bouncing up in his seat from time to time to blow back a kiss.
  • Slid And as he spoke the Grandhaven slid slowly backwards and sideways into the deep water.
  • Slowed Suddenly the car slowed down at a signal from my companion and stopped.
  • Slows The ball, a first ball and very fast, puzzles the batsman, accustomed to slows.
  • Slued
  • Loyd Iohn Chambers, B. D. 1541 David Pool, LL. D. 1556 Edmund Scambler, D. D. 1560 Richard Howland, D. D. 1584 Thomas Dove, A. M. 1600 William Pierse, D. D. 1630 Augustine Lindsel, D. D. 1632 Francis Dee, D. D. 1634 Iohn Towers, D. D. 1638 Benjamin Lany, D. D. 1660 Joseph Henshaw, D. D. 1663 William Loyd, D. D. 1679 Thomas White, D. D. 1685 Richard Cumberland, D. D. 1691 White Kennet, D. D. 1718 Robert Clavering, D. D. 1728 Iohn Thomas, D. D. 1747 Richard Terrick, D. D. 1757 Robert Lamb, LL. D. 1764 Iohn Hinchliffe, D. D. 1769 Spencer Madan, D. D. 1794 John Parsons, D. D. 1813 Herbert Marsh, D. D. 1819 George Davys, D. D. 1839 Francis Jeune, D. C. L. 1864 William Connor Magee, D. D. 1868
  • soloed I was soloed in my first Battle Royale game.
  • sowed The seeds were sowed into the ground.

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