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How to spell SLUTHING correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "sluthing", fear not! There are several correct alternatives you can use. Consider "sleuthing", which refers to detective work or investigation. Alternatively, "slithering" is the act of moving smoothly and subtly, often associated with snakes. So, whether you're solving mysteries or gracefully gliding, these suggestions will help you avoid any confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell sluthing correctly

  • clothing I need to buy some new clothing for the upcoming winter season.
  • Lathing Lathing is a process used to create cylindrical or conical shapes on a workpiece.
  • Saluting The soldier was saluting the officer as he walked by.
  • scathing The critic's review of the movie was scathing, calling it the worst movie of the year.
  • scything The farmer quickly moved through the field, scything down the tall grass with his trusty blade.
  • seething She was seething with anger as she watched her ex-boyfriend flirt with another woman.
  • slashing The slasher was known for his slashing of unsuspecting victims.
  • slating The critic was slating the new movie for its poor acting and weak storyline.
  • sleuthing He spent the afternoon sleuthing around the old abandoned mansion, trying to solve the mystery.
  • Slitting She was slitting open the envelope with a sharp knife.
  • sloshing She was weary of the constant sloshing sounds from the pail of water.
  • Slotting The prisoner appeared to be slotting himself firmly into the role of teacher's pet.
  • slouching He was slouching on the sofa, watching TV, and eating popcorn.
  • sloughing The sloughing of dead skin cells is a natural and continuous process.
  • Slugging The baseball player had a slugging percentage of .600 for the season.
  • sluicing The miners were using sluicing techniques to extract gold from the river.
  • Sluing The car started sluing on the slippery road.
  • Slumming I did a little slumming today.
  • slurping The sound of the toddler slurping his soup was loud and messy.
  • Slurring The man was slurring his words after having too much to drink.
  • soothing The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore is very soothing.
  • swathing The farmer was swathing the wheat fields with his combine to harvest the crop.

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