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How to spell SLUTHRY correctly?

If you intended to type "slithery" but ended up with "sluthry", fear not! Autocorrect can throw us off sometimes. The correct spelling is "slithery", meaning something that moves with a smooth and slippery motion. Take note of this correction and let the serpentine world of reptiles inspire you with their slithery moves!

List of suggestions on how to spell Sluthry correctly

  • Salutary Going for a walk every morning has a salutary effect on my mood.
  • Slithery The serpent moved silently through the grass with its slithery motions.
  • Slurry The construction workers mixed cement with water to create a slurry.
  • Slushy I enjoyed sipping on a slushy during the hot summer afternoon.
  • Slutty When she wore that short, tight dress with plunging neckline, everyone thought she looked slutty.
  • Southey Southey was a prolific writer, known for his poetry as well as his biography of Nelson.
  • Sultry The sultry summer evening was filled with a warm breeze and the sound of distant waves crashing.

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