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How to spell SLUTTERED correctly?

If you accidentally misspelled "sluttered", fret not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "fluttered", referring to a gentle movement; "stuttered", meaning to speak haltingly; or "cluttered", denoting a space filled with disorder. Double-check to ensure your intended meaning aligns with these alternatives.

List of suggestions on how to spell sluttered correctly

  • Clattered The dishes in the sink clattered as the cat jumped onto the counter.
  • cluttered My desk is cluttered with papers and pens.
  • Flattered I was flattered when he complimented my artwork.
  • fluttered
  • Glittered The Christmas tree glittered with lights and ornaments.
  • lettered The book spine was beautifully lettered with gold foil.
  • littered
  • Sauntered She sauntered around the park, enjoying the warm sunshine and the sights and sounds around her.
  • scattered The leaves were scattered all over the ground.
  • shuttered The old bookstore was shuttered, its windows boarded up and its once bustling shelves now empty.
  • skittered
  • slathered I slathered butter on my toast.
  • slithered
  • spattered The walls were spattered with paint from the artist's messy brushstrokes.
  • splattered The paint splattered all over the wall, leaving a messy and colorful effect.
  • Spluttered The car spluttered and coughed as it struggled up the steep hill.
  • Sputtered
  • Stuttered He stuttered nervously as he tried to give his speech in front of a large audience.

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