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How to spell SNEZE correctly?

If you have mistakenly misspelled "sneze" as "sneeze", there is a simple way to correct it. Just delete the "z" and replace it with an "e" to get the correct spelling. Alternatively, you could use autocorrect or a spell-check tool to make sure your writing is always accurate and error-free.

List of suggestions on how to spell sneze correctly

  • Inez Inez was born in Alabama.
  • scene The crime scene was heavily guarded by police officers.
  • seize The police were able to seize a large amount of drugs during the raid.
  • size I'm not sure what size dress I need.
  • sleaze I refuse to work for a company that tolerates such sleaze in their dealings.
  • sneer He gave a sneer of disgust as he walked away.
  • sneeze I have a feeling that I need to sneeze after smelling all those flowers.
  • Sneezed I sneezed so hard that my face turned red.
  • sneezes She sneezes every time she walks outside because of her allergies.
  • snooze I can't stay awake for class. I'll just snooze for a few minutes.
  • suez This is the Suez Canal, a waterway which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea.

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