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How to spell SNFLES correctly?

If you were searching for "snfles" but meant "snuffles", you're on the right track! Snuffles refers to a condition characterized by a runny or congested nose. It's commonly associated with cold or allergy symptoms. Make sure to double-check your spelling next time to find accurate information about snuffles.

List of suggestions on how to spell snfles correctly

  • Angles The angles of a rectangle are all equal to 90 degrees.
  • ankles My ankles felt sore after playing basketball for three hours.
  • rifles The soldier aimed his rifles at the enemy encampment.
  • sables The fur coat was made of sables, a luxurious choice for the winter season.
  • safes The jewelry store had multiple safes to store their valuable items.
  • sales The company's sales have significantly increased since launching their new product.
  • scales She weighed herself on the bathroom scales before stepping into the shower.
  • sidles The cat sidles up to me, hoping to be petted.
  • singles I enjoy listening to singles from my favorite artists.
  • smiles As I watched the couple walking hand in hand, their smiles filled me with warmth and happiness.
  • snaffles The cowboy snaffles the reins and slowly leads his horse out of the barn.
  • snakes There are many different species of snakes in the world, each with their own unique characteristics.
  • snares The hunter set snares to trap rabbits.
  • SNES I remember spending countless hours playing Super Mario World on my SNES as a kid.
  • sniffles I stayed home from work today because I have the sniffles.
  • snipes I spotted snipes in the tall grasses by the river.
  • SNLE
  • snores My friend snores really loudly, so I had to sleep with earplugs in.
  • snuffles The sound of my dog's snuffles while sleeping is so cute.
  • soles I need to buy new insoles for my shoes because the soles are sore.
  • stales The bread stales quickly in the summer heat, so I always make sure to freeze it if I buy too much.
  • stifles The lack of creativity and encouragement often stifles artistic expression in young children.
  • stiles He climbed over the stiles and walked across the fields to reach the farmhouse.
  • stoles The choir members wore white robes with red stoles for their performance.
  • styles There are many different styles of music, from rock to classical to hip hop.
  • uncles All of my uncles were present at the family reunion.

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