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How to spell SNIPPERED correctly?

"Snippered" is a misspelling of "sniper". To provide correct suggestions, consider using "snipped" or "snip-ped", which both imply the action of cutting or trimming. Alternatively, you could use "sniped", a term related to snipers and their precision shooting abilities.

List of suggestions on how to spell snippered correctly

  • Simpered She simpered at his compliments, but secretly thought they were insincere.
  • skippered He skippered the boat with expertise during the storm.
  • Snickered The audience snickered at the comedian's silly joke.
  • Snipped I snipped off the loose thread from my shirt.
  • stoppered The wine bottle was stoppered tightly to preserve its freshness.
  • zippered I put my keys in the zippered compartment of my backpack.

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