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How to spell SNOORZER correctly?

If you meant to type "snoozer" but misspelled it as "snoorzer", here are a few correct suggestions. "Snoozier" is a valid word, meaning more relaxed or boring. "Snoozer" itself refers to something dull or uninteresting. Finally, "snorer" is an alternative that describes a person who makes noise while sleeping.

List of suggestions on how to spell snoorzer correctly

  • snooker I enjoy playing snooker with my friends at the local billiards club.
  • snooper The private investigator suspected that a snooper had infiltrated the client's home and was gathering confidential information.
  • snoopier My younger sister is getting much snoopier lately, always trying to read my diary and eavesdrop on my conversations.
  • snootier The guests at the exclusive gala seemed even snootier than usual, giving off an air of superiority and aloofness.
  • snooze After hitting the snooze button multiple times, I finally managed to drag myself out of bed.
  • snoozed After a long day at work, she snoozed on the couch for a quick power nap.
  • snoozes My cat snoozes peacefully in the warm sunbeam streaming through the window.
  • snorer My roommate is a very loud snorer and it keeps me awake at night.
  • snorter The movie had a few twists and turns that made it a real snorter.
  • squirter Careful when using the water hose, it's a squirter and could get you wet!

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