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How to spell SNOOZERZ correctly?

If you meant to type "snoozerz", here are some possible correct alternatives. You may have intended to write "snoozers" to refer to something boring or uninteresting. Another option could be "snoozes", which refers to short naps. Lastly, "snoozers" can also be a playful term for people who enjoy sleeping.

List of suggestions on how to spell snoozerz correctly

  • snooker He is a professional snooker player and has won numerous championships.
  • snookers I can't believe he snookers me every time we play billiards, he's just too good.
  • snooper I suspect that our neighbor is a snooper because they always seem to know our daily routine.
  • snoopers The private investigator specialized in catching snoopers who were trying to gather confidential information.
  • snooze I pressed the snooze button on my alarm clock and went back to sleep for ten more minutes.
  • snoozed After staying up all night studying, I snoozed through my first class.
  • snoozes He always snoozes his alarm clock in the morning.

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