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How to spell SNOZE correctly?

If you accidentally spell "snoze" instead of "snooze", worry not, as there are plausible alternatives. "Doze" aptly conveys a light sleep, while "slumber" expresses a relaxed state of rest. For those seeking a more formal term, "siesta" signifies a short nap. Expand your vocabulary, one corrected misspelling at a time.

List of suggestions on how to spell snoze correctly

  • nose I can smell flowers with my nose.
  • seize The police had to seize the drugs before they got onto the streets.
  • size
  • snake Be careful where you step, there's a snake on the trail.
  • snare The hunter set up a snare trap to catch the rabbit.
  • sneeze I always cover my mouth when I sneeze to prevent the spread of germs.
  • snide The sneering comment made me feel snide.
  • snipe I watched as the sniper took aim and prepared to snipe his target.
  • snob I refuse to be a snob.
  • SNOBS The group of snobs at the party scoffed at anyone who wasn't wearing designer clothing.
  • snog
  • snood She knitted a warm snood for her dog to wear on chilly walks.
  • snoop She decided to snoop through his phone while he was in the shower.
  • snoot I can't believe she's dating him - he's such a snoot.
  • snooze I could use some more sleep, but I think I'll just snooze for a little longer.
  • Snoozed I snoozed my alarm for an extra 10 minutes of sleep.
  • snoozes Mom always says to let the baby snoozes.
  • snore
  • snorer My roommate is such a loud snorer that I often have to wear earplugs to be able to get a good night's sleep.
  • snores My dad snores so loudly that it can wake up the whole house.
  • snort The sound of a loud snort caught everyone's attention.
  • snot Sam sneezed and spat a glob of snot onto his sleeve.
  • snout I've got a snout for finding my way around.
  • snow Boston is under snow.
  • snows The car got stuck in the snows of the mountain road.
  • snowy The landscape was covered in a beautiful snowy blanket.

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