Correct spelling for SOCKE

We think the word socke is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for socke

  • coke Among other things he 'read' the journal of Lady Mary Coke, privately printed for Lord Home.
  • locke Locke expressed this truth when he said, "It is impossible that men should ever truly seek, or certainly discover, the disagreement of ideas themselves whilst their thoughts flutter about, or stick only on sounds of doubtful and uncertain significance."
  • sac He has a head on his shoulder, M. de Marsac.
  • sack He carries a sack of meal, and I'm not so heavy as a sack of meal."
  • sacked Many of the Tarentines were put to death, thirty thousand were sold for slaves, and the city was sacked by the soldiers.
  • sake I don't doubt it for a minute, but for heaven's sake answer my question.
  • sc 1, 27. Macbeth, Act I, Sc.
  • scone She returned with a cup of coffee, a scone, and a glass of orange juice.
  • scope The principle of gravitation is of far wider scope than we have yet indicated.
  • score " Score number one," she said to herself.
  • scour The strip of hall carpet newly discovered to scour like new with brush and soap and warm water.
  • scow You gaze carelessly round upon the curiosities in the street, leading your wife in a loose and distracted way, as if you were towing a Norman scow.
  • sec She could sec the big dresser now, but the tin and crockery and almost the wooden shelves shone, they were so clean.
  • seek Seek this cruel King Ironheart!
  • shock I suppose it was the shock of the whole thing.
  • shocker The kid in black leather let his breath go and swore, slipping his shocker into its holster.
  • sic Sic gloria transit of one of the famous houses of London.
  • sick "You have seen the Mahdi, so you will not fall sick," answered Gebhr.
  • sicken As the tale runs, the ruler, weary of the falsehoods of so-called learning, called his wise men together and said to them: "I sicken of your daily sagacities which the next day prove to be follies.
  • sickle It first had the name of Zancle given it by the Sicels, because the place is shaped like a sickle, which the Sicels call zanclon; but upon the original settlers being afterwards expelled by some Samians and other Ionians who landed in Sicily flying from the Medes, and the Samians in their turn not long afterwards by Anaxilas, tyrant of Rhegium, the town was by him colonized with a mixed population, and its name changed to Messina, after his old country.
  • skew The car leaped in a skew turn and began to roll and roll, shedding metal and humans as it racketed down the ravine.
  • ski The ski is a strip of ash or spruce wood, turned up in front like a sled runner, and smooth and straight grained.
  • sky Just look up in the sky, Unc' Billy!
  • smock I stopped, at last, and asked an old man in a blue flannel smock if he could tell me the way to Ossian's grave; and he told me to fare straight on till I came to some stepping-stones, and to cross the stones and push right up the hill.
  • smoke "I shall come and quietly go around to the smoke-house and remain there till morning.
  • soak I have always found its lower edge cold, clumsy, and wet, much inclined to blow about, and apt to soak your knees and the seat of your saddle.
  • soaked Shortly I would get wet, and would be quite unable to decide whether the rain had soaked through from the outside or I had soaked through from the inside.
  • soccer
  • sock
  • socket
  • sockeye
  • souk
  • spock
  • spoke
  • stock
  • stocky
  • stoke
  • suckle
  • Sicker
  • Soc
  • Sucked
  • SK
  • SKA
  • sickie
  • sicko
  • arm-twists

16 words made from the letters socke

3 letter words made from socke:

kos, eos, cos, sec, ceo.

4 letter words made from socke:

skeo, kocs, coke, osek, esko, seok, ecks, sock, ekco, seko.

5 letter words made from socke:

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