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How to spell SOENDS correctly?

If you accidentally typed "soends", fear not! Here are some possible correct suggestions: "sounds", "sends", "spends" or "seconds". We all make typos, but with these alternatives, you can accurately convey your intended meaning. Always double-check and let auto-correct lend a helping hand!

List of suggestions on how to spell soends correctly

  • ascends She ascends the stairs when she hears the doorbell ring.
  • bends The road ahead has several sharp bends, so you need to be careful while driving.
  • bonds I purchased a few bonds as a long-term investment strategy.
  • ends Trying to solve the Puzzle ends in frustration.
  • fends The mother bear fends off any predators that come near her cubs.
  • Lends She often lends her car to her younger sister.
  • Mends The doctor mends broken bones.
  • ponds During the summer, my family likes to swim and fish in the ponds near our house.
  • rends
  • sands The sands of the beach were warm and golden in the summer sun.
  • scenes The director worked tirelessly on the movie's breathtakingly beautiful scenes.
  • scents I love the scents of lavender and vanilla in my candle.
  • Seeds I need to plant some seeds in the garden to get some fresh vegetables.
  • send I need to send this email before I leave for the day.
  • sends Bill sends you a thank you note for your gift.
  • sens
  • sleds On our winter vacation we drove to the top of the hill in the sleds
  • SODS I go to the store to buy some SODS.
  • songs I love listening to old love songs.
  • Sons My two sons are very different from each other.
  • sound Ants make a loud sound when they march.
  • sounds The sounds of birds chirping were the only noise in the peaceful forest.
  • spends The bill spends twice as much money as it should.
  • stands After the explosion, the building stands as a memorial to the victims.
  • stenos
  • tends This garden tends to be overgrown.
  • Vends The street vendor vends fresh fruits and vegetables every day on the corner of the busy street.
  • Wends The Wends were a Slavic people who once inhabited parts of Central Europe.
  • Zounds I was startled by the zounds sound of the gunshot.

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