Correct spelling for SOILT

We think the word soilt is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for soilt

  • sail Hour after hour we watched for a sail, and no sail appeared.
  • salt It was a thrilling moment for me, when I leant over to Miss Hohsmann, my right hand extended for the salt or something of the kind, and my left stretched behind her chair!
  • salty "Barring the salty scent, my dear boy, which probably finds birth in your kindly imagination.
  • sill He had been a boy of eighteen then, shooting with a rifle across a window sill.
  • silo He rode out into the country districts with Hank Lolly, sitting beside that worthy on the high wagon seat and listening most carefully to the description of every farm, its inmates, the barn dimensions and contents, the depth of the well, cost of the silo, number of pigs, sheep, the amount of tiling, and the make of the family graphophone.
  • silt The carcass of the whale was sucked from the mud and silt and lifted surfaceward.
  • silty Bonytail chub, razorback sucker, Colorado pikeminnow, and humpback chub are among those considered the most at risk; all are unique to the Colorado River system and well adapted to the rivers natural silty conditions and flow variations.
  • sit Let's go and sit out on the verandah and watch.
  • slat Suddenly the sight of a slat sunbonnet, hanging on a nail beside her, suggested a means of circumventing him.
  • slit At the end of an hour he sprang to his feet with a smothered oath, and cutting a slit in the cover of the chest with his penknife, tore it off and examined the top and sides as carefully as his strained eyes and trembling hands would allow.
  • slot Its horn or tail B is made parallel so as to lie flat against the face of the slot in the driver.
  • soil The bright moonlight fell on a garden absolutely bare, as square as a handkerchief, and with the soil all turned over like a field.
  • soiled This last was much soiled and crumpled.
  • sol Keep the colour scheme right anyway, Sol.
  • sold It means that he gave Los Cuervos to his mistress a year ago, and that she sold it to me-to me, you hear!
  • sole If she was the sole executrix she would have to act.
  • soled But he wore the same magnetic-soled shoes.
  • solid What was the gossip of an hour, or a day, when set against the solid happiness of wealth?
  • solo During the second verse, sung as a solo, the girls could act out the lines.
  • solute However, the magnitude of the freezing point depression is larger than the boiling point elevation for the same solvent and the same concentration of a solute.
  • soot It was half full of exceedingly fine soot, which floated out and filled the room completely.
  • sort He's getting sort of peevish.
  • sot The Scotchman wuz Sir Duncan Ramsey and didn't act any more sot up than if he wuz a plain mister.
  • soul "Poor, noble little soul!
  • split Now, round we go, and back on our tracks full split.
  • stile To help in holding fast to animals, there are a number of slender hairs farther down the stile, which are liable to become more or less entangled in the animal's hair, fur, wool, or feathers.
  • still Louisa, I still 'am his by right.
  • stilt Now he never assumed any airs of superiority over Philus, or Rupilius, or Mummius, or over friends of a lower rank stilt.
  • suit If you should think or hear of any one who will suit my purpose, I shall be under particular obligations if you will let me know."
  • Slid I gave it to him with my left, and Andrew Smallie slid along the ice after he had fallen.
  • Soils It lacked the intensely blue atmosphere of the rival vale, and its heavy soils and scents; the new air was clear, bracing, ethereal.
  • SILTS Deep borings show that this great trough is filled to a depth of at least two thousand feet below sea level with recent unconsolidated sands and silts containing logs of wood and fresh- water shells.
  • SOLIS I should suppose it to have been named Fer-En, ignis, vel Solis fons, from something peculiar either in its rites or situation.

26 words made from the letters soilt

3 letter words made from soilt:

iso, sol, ilo, oil, sit, lit, sot, lot.

4 letter words made from soilt:

5 letter words made from soilt:

tilos, solti, silot, toils, listo.

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