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How to spell SOLDILY correctly?

If you have misspelled "soldily", there are a few correct alternative suggestions. One possibility could be "solidly", meaning firmly or securely. Another option might be "solely", indicating exclusively or entirely. Remember to proofread carefully to ensure accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell soldily correctly

  • boldly She walked boldly into the meeting, ready to make her voice heard.
  • coldly He replied coldly to her inquiry.
  • silkily She slid silkily down his body, trailing kisses and licks across his chest.
  • soldier I'm a soldier and I'll fight to the death.
  • soldierly The soldierly behavior of the army captain earned him the respect of his troops.
  • soldiery The king sent forth his soldiery to fortify the kingdom's borders.
  • solely The decision was solely based on financial considerations, ignoring all other factors.
  • solidify I need to solidify my thoughts before speaking.
  • solidity The car's sturdy construction gave it a sense of solidity on the road.
  • solidly The man was solidly built.
  • sordidly I found her sordidly spying on us from behind the shrub.
  • sulkily After being scolded, the child crossed his arms and sulkily retreated to his room.

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