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How to spell SOLDIN correctly?

The misspelling "soldin" can be corrected to "sold in" or "soldering". "Sold in" refers to an item being sold in a specific location or store. "Soldering" is the process of joining two metals together with a heated tool and a filler metal.

List of suggestions on how to spell soldin correctly

  • folding I am folding my clothes before putting them in the drawer.
  • golden The golden leaves of the tree shimmered in the sunlight.
  • golding William Golding was the author of the novel "Lord of the Flies.
  • Holden
  • holding
  • molding The molding around the windows added an elegant touch to the room.
  • olden
  • Saladin The Muslim Saladin led the Muslim conquest of Jerusalem in 1187.
  • scolding My mother gave me a scolding for not cleaning my room.
  • slain
  • sodden A Louisiana summer day was sodden with rain.
  • sodding I think she's getting sodding drunk again.
  • sold I sold my car for 15,000 dollars.
  • sold on
  • solder I need to solder the two pieces together.
  • soldier The soldier marched into the town with determination.
  • solemn She kept her solemn expression in place as she told him the news.
  • solid The foundation of the building is made of solid concrete.
  • Soling
  • soloing The guitarist was soloing with such passion that the entire audience was captivated.
  • solon The word "solon" refers to a wise lawgiver or legislator, as in " Solon's laws brought justice and equality to Athens.
  • solving Solving complex problems requires a combination of critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills.

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