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How to spell SOLDING correctly?

The correct spelling for "solding" is actually "soldering". This is a common mistake and can be corrected by checking the spelling or using spell-check programs. Other possible suggestions could include looking up the correct spelling in a dictionary or asking someone with knowledge in the field of soldering.

List of suggestions on how to spell solding correctly

  • folding She was folding the laundry when she realized she had lost her wedding ring.
  • golding William Golding is the acclaimed author of the novel "Lord of the Flies.
  • holding She was holding the baby in her arms.
  • molding
  • salting I am salting the soup to enhance its taste.
  • scalding The scalding hot water burned my hand when I turned on the faucet.
  • scolding My mother gave me a scolding when I came home late.
  • siding The house was covered in grey vinyl siding.
  • Silting The constant silting has significantly reduced the capacity of the river to hold water.
  • sliding The children were having fun sliding down the steep hill on their sleds.
  • sling I need to get my sling back from the shop.
  • Sluing The truck began sluing on the icy road, causing the driver to lose control.
  • sodding I'm tired of this sodding heat; can we please turn on the air conditioning?
  • soiling Due to the heavy rainfall, the soil erosion led to soiling of the river water.
  • soldering He was soldering a wire to a board.
  • Soling
  • soloing
  • solving The solutions to these problems lay in the solving of equations.

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