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How to spell SOLDS correctly?

If you're looking for the correct suggestions for the misspelling "solds", here are a few options: "sold", "solids" or "soldi". Depending on the intended meaning, these words can replace the incorrect "solds" and convey the right message.

List of suggestions on how to spell solds correctly

  • folds She folds her laundry carefully and puts it away in the designated drawers.
  • GOLDS The Olympic athletes all strive to win golds for their respective countries.
  • holds Jenny always holds her breath when she's scared.
  • molds The farmer was able to create different shapes of cheese by using different molds.
  • salads I always order salads when I go out to eat.
  • salts I shouldn't have eaten those salts.
  • scalds He scalds himself every time he tries to make tea.
  • scolds My mom scolds me when I forget to do my chores.
  • sids I always forget to pick up my sids.
  • SILTS The heavy rains caused the river to overflow and deposit large amounts of silts on the farm.
  • sleds Every winter, my family and I take our sleds to the nearby hill for some fun in the snow.
  • SODAS I prefer to drink sodas with my meals instead of water.
  • SODS It's best to avoid drinking water from the local well because the water is contaminated with SODS.
  • Soils The soils are very thin in this area.
  • sold
  • solder To fix the broken wire, he needed to use a soldering iron to melt the solder onto the joint.
  • solders The electrician solders the wires together to create a secure and stable connection.
  • soled
  • solid A mountain is a solid object.
  • solids The weight of the solids in the mixture can be determined by subtracting the weight of the liquid.
  • solidus In finance, the solidus is a type of ancient Roman coin.
  • SOLIS Latin solis meaning "of the sun.
  • Solos
  • SOLS
  • SOTS The SOTS virus destroys computer systems.
  • souls Many people believe that our souls are eternal and continue to exist after our physical bodies die.
  • stoles The choir members wore matching red stoles for their performance.
  • suds I need to add more suds to this soapy water to really clean these dishes.

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