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How to spell SOLLOWED correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "sollowed" when you meant to say "followed", worry not! Common auto-correct suggestions, like "hollowed" or "swallowed", can easily be overlooked. However, a correct suggestion would be "followed", giving your sentence the desired meaning of tracking or pursuing something or someone.

List of suggestions on how to spell sollowed correctly

  • Allowed My parents have allowed me to stay out late tonight.
  • Bellowed
  • Billowed The curtains billowed in the wind, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Fallowed The fields were left fallowed for a year to allow the soil to rest and regain its nutrients.
  • Followed I followed the dogs as they led me through the winding forest path.
  • hallowed The hallowed halls of the museum were filled with priceless artifacts.
  • hollowed The mist hung low over the hollowed valley.
  • mellowed After spending a week in the peaceful countryside, she noticed that her temperament had significantly mellowed.
  • Pillowed She pillowed her head on the soft down pillow and closed her eyes, ready for a peaceful night's sleep.
  • sallower As he continued to talk, his voice got sallower and it was clear he was losing energy.
  • Slowed
  • soloed He soloed on his guitar to impress the crowd.
  • Sorrowed
  • swallowed I accidentally swallowed a fly while riding my bike.
  • Wallowed After her breakup, she wallowed in sadness for weeks.
  • yellowed

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