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How to spell SOLUABLE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "soluable", don't worry! The correct spelling for the word you intended to use is "soluble". Remember, it's easy to mix up the "e" and "u" in this word, but now you can confidently refer to something that can dissolve in liquid as "soluble."

List of suggestions on how to spell soluable correctly

  • salable The antique shop owner was thrilled to discover the rare vase was salable and worth a significant amount of money.
  • saleable This product is not very saleable because of its poor quality.
  • soluble Sugar is highly soluble in water, allowing it to dissolve easily.
  • solubles Solubles are important for the formation of solutions.
  • solvable The math problem appeared difficult at first, but it was actually solvable with some extra effort.
  • syllable
  • voluble The voluble salesman talked nonstop, trying to convince the reluctant customer to buy his product.

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