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How to spell SOLUTED correctly?

The correct spelling for the misspelling "soluted" could be "dissolved" or "solved". Both words convey different meanings, depending on the context. "Dissolved" refers to a substance mixing with a liquid, while "solved" indicates finding a solution to a problem or puzzle. Choosing the appropriate word depends on the intended message.

List of suggestions on how to spell soluted correctly

  • isolated The island was so isolated that they only saw a boat come around once a month.
  • salted
  • salute The soldiers raised their hands in a salute as the general passed by in his car.
  • Saluted
  • Scouted Last week, the talent agent scouted for new models at the fashion show.
  • Silted
  • Slated The movie was slated for release in the fall, but has been delayed due to production issues.
  • Slued I was trying to Slued my way through the crowds, but they were too dense.
  • soled His old shoes had been soled several times.
  • soloed I quickly soloed the climb.
  • solute The solute dissolves into the solvent to form a homogeneous mixture.
  • solutes The solutes in this solution are completely dissolved.
  • sorted All the toys are sorted by brand and type.
  • Spouted I spouted my drink all over him.

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