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How to spell SONDED correctly?

If you meant to write "sonded" but it was a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. You might be looking for "sounded", which means to emit a particular noise. Alternatively, if you were referring to discovering the depth of something, the correct term would be "sounded."

List of suggestions on how to spell sonded correctly

  • bonded The two sisters bonded over their shared love for baking.
  • bounded The deer bounded effortlessly through the forest.
  • ended The school year ended on a high note with a successful graduation ceremony.
  • founded
  • Hounded He was hounded by the paparazzi wherever he went.
  • Mounded The dirt was mounded around the base of the tree to help support its growth.
  • Nodded
  • Pounded I pounded the steak to tenderize it before cooking.
  • rounded The corners of the table were rounded for safety purposes.
  • Sanded The wood was sanded to a smooth finish before being painted.
  • sander I need to use a sander to smooth out the rough edges of this wooden table.
  • Seconded "I agree with Sarah's proposal to hire a new marketing consultant," seconded John.
  • seeded We seeded the garden with a variety of vegetables.
  • sender The sender of the email did not include the correct attachment.
  • Sided He sided with his best friend on the subject of video games.
  • Singed I accidentally singed the edge of my shirt while cooking.
  • Sinned
  • sodded
  • sonnet William Shakespeare is one of the greatest sonnet writers in history.
  • sordid The politician's sordid past was uncovered by the media.
  • sorted I have sorted the clothes according to color.
  • sounded
  • sounder The sounder of hounds ran through the forest in pursuit of their prey.
  • stoned He was stoned when he made that decision.
  • sunder The conflict threatened to sunder the once-tight bond between the two friends.
  • Sunned She lazily sunned on the beach, enjoying the warm rays on her skin.
  • wounded The soldier was wounded in battle and had to be airlifted to safety.
  • Zoned The new development has been zoned for commercial use.

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