Correct spelling for SOO

We think the word soo is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for soo

  • boo Its features lighted up with mirth, and the lips formed the unmistakable monosyllable: " Boo!"
  • coo He thought it was a gull, and paid no heed; but in a moment a soft coo started him, and looking up, he saw a white dove struggling to get in.
  • goo " Goo-goo-goo-goo," said the baby, and thrust the locket in her mouth.
  • loo But you remember what he said of you, Loo?
  • moo But Gray Elk called her Kee-nee-moo-sha, the Sweetheart.
  • shoo Shoo 'em back, will you?
  • so And it was well that it was so.
  • sod She had given her hand to the leader, and that impulsive son of the ould sod kissed it gallantly.
  • soho Soho, London, 1792. He became a printer, and was one of the most energetic of working men engaged in the foundation of mechanics' institutes.
  • sol "I say, Sol, how came you to tell that tarnation tearing lie to Mr. S-- yesterday?
  • solo The great passer of Solo becomes an endless delight, and the interminable corridors, where the fumes of incense mingle with the breath of flowers, convey strange suggestions of antiquity.
  • son Then he turned and looked down at his son.
  • soon Soon now must he come.
  • soot Soot had flown down and marched forward to see what was being done.
  • sop It wasn't worth another fight, and there was nothing to be gained by a refusal except to offer a sop to his own exasperation.
  • sos SOS. If she speaks the truth, we have the same lot, and, like me, Monsieur, you are double.
  • sot We put Tommy into a hammock and sot down peaceful nigh by him.
  • sou Unfortunately for Albert, he had become intimate with one of those men who trade on the weaknesses of others, and who, not having means enough to lead a life of dissipation, and lacking the talent to procure it, attach themselves to those who are possessed of wealth, find a way to make themselves necessary to them, to take part in all their follies, to be included in all their parties of pleasure; so that they are able to lead a most agreeable existence with a very modest income, or even if they have not a sou.
  • sow They all received grain to sow and plant for the first year.
  • soy About ten minutes before serving, put in some basil, tarragon, chives, parsley, cayenne pepper, and salt; also two spoonfuls of mushroom ketchup, and one of soy.
  • too It was too confoundedly puzzling.
  • woo Besought I went from home, to woo thee, Gudrun!
  • zoo Which did you like best-the Zoo or the pictures?"
  • Soc Soc. Washington, 27:19-21, February 2.
  • FOO Foo Cha tried to shut the door in his face, but it was like pushing against a mountain.
  • POO Do let him alone, wilto-or else aw'll poo that toppin' o' thine, smartly-aw will!
  • SRO The Canadian and American equivalents to a bedsit are rooming house and single room occupancy (SRO).
  • sob The Peace Queen blushed and answered: "To you also I say, go in peace," but her voice was a whisper which ended in a stifled sob.

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