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How to spell SORWD correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "sorwd" instead of "sword", fear not! Autocorrect can come to the rescue by suggesting the correct spelling. Alternatively, you could try alternatives like "blade" or "weapon", depending on the context. Remember to proofread to avoid such typos in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell sorwd correctly

  • cord I plugged in the cord to charge my phone.
  • ford The car struggled to ford the river during the flood.
  • lord The lord of the manor was hosting a grand ball in his castle.
  • Sired He sired a litter of puppies.
  • Soared
  • sod The landscaper recommended replacing the patchy grass with new sod.
  • sold I sold my old bike to a neighbor.
  • soled The boots I found at the thrift store were in excellent condition and had a sturdy, well-soled design.
  • solid He built a solid foundation for his house.
  • sordid The sordid details of his affair were soiled by the truth.
  • sore My throat is sore from yelling at the concert last night.
  • sorer My muscles are even sorer than they were yesterday after the intense workout.
  • sorry
  • sort I need to sort through my clothes before donating them.
  • SORTA We have to get our rental car from the rental company, which is called SORTA.
  • sorted All the papers are sorted into folders.
  • sorts I have all sorts of papers on my desk.
  • sound
  • soured The milk has soured and now it's undrinkable.
  • sow I need to sow these seeds in the spring for them to grow into healthy plants.
  • sowed I sowed some fabric in the garden.
  • sown
  • SOWS The farmer sows his fields with a variety of crops every year.
  • sword The blade of the sword was sharp.
  • word She spoke the word with such conviction that it had an impact on everyone in the room.

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